Bahri Annual Report-2013

Chapter 2 Strategic Business Units and Support Departments Quality

3. New Initiatives and Plans • Determination of benchmarking

1. Quality Management System Strategy 2013 • Application of Integrated Quality Management System (IMS) • Unification of work procedures • Development and application of a frame to verify risk management (ISO31000) • Acquiring of the certificate of Occupational Health and Safety (OHSAS 18001) • Implementation of work continuity measure (ISO22301) 2. Major Achievements in 2013 • Automation of 25% of quality records in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) • Re-engineering quality policy • Development of SMART key performance indicators for the current processes • Development of new process documents for some departments

• Effective and clear communications • Consistent improvement in quality, environment, safety and business performance • Compliance to governing rules and regulations, the rules and laws governing the business activities and services According to the foregoing, our employees participate in enhancing the quality culture within the Company, and they are requested to understand and apply each clause set forth in the quality policy in a responsible manner.

processes for the Integrated Quality Management System • Documentation and activation of internal processes for each department • Coordination of periodic quality meetings with departmental quality representatives and process owners In accordance with the international standards applied under ISO9001:2008, Bahri aims to achieve the highest levels of client satisfaction and to establish long- term relationships through: • Investment in talents and skill development • Providing consistently high levels of customer service • Achieving full potential through performance culture • Creating a work environment based on challenge, creativity, and productivity

Environment and Safety Bahri acknowledges the importance of environmental and safety requirements that are consistent with international standards stipulated by the global environmental agencies and organizations. The shipping industry thrives throughout vast areas of the worlds, the ramifications of which impact the safety of the marine environment as well as contribute to climate change. As a result, Bahri takes measures to minimize the negative impact its vessels has on the environment through the implementation of the latest technologies aimed at reducing the pollution emitted from vessel engines and equipment. Bahri contracts specialized international consulting firms to conduct periodic tests on its vessels ensuring they meet environmental standards. In addition, Bahri takes measures to protect the health and safety of its employees both at sea and on land. Corporate Social Responsibility Bahri adopts a creative approach when aligning corporate social responsibility to principles, thoughts and well-planned strategic attitudes aimed at achieving the objectives of social service. Bahri completed corporate social responsibility which focused on contribution to humanitarian programs to service to the community rather than directly focusing on charity. Services and contributions provided to the community in 2013 were aimed to impact the largest number of beneficiaries. The following are examples of the programs and contributions undertaken by Bahri: • Sponsorship of the Language and Communication Unit program of the Disabled Children’s Association • Participation in the National Festival for Heritage and Culture (Jandariyah 28)

• Participation in the 83rd National Day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia • Launch of Bahri Hijri and Gregorian Calendar application for smart phones


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