Bahri Annual Report-2013

Human Resources Department

Employees The number of employees of the Company within the KSA as of 31 December, 2013 was 186, while the number of employees working abroad including the ship crew totaled 1,159. Saudization Policies As part of its drive for Saudization, Bahri continues to open the gateway to aspiring Saudi Nationals for promising career opportunities in the shipping industry. Bahri exceeded Saudization policy requirements in 2013 with a 63% Saudi National workforce, an increase of 2% compared to last year, placing the Company in the “Excellent Category” of the Nitaqat Program approved by the Ministry of Labor. Human Resources highlights 2013 • Developed HR strategy • Developed a framework for Tatweer “Development” program • Introduced new employee qualification program • Launched basic skills training program • Participated in Marhaba “Welcome” program • Maintained Saudization rate, which is ranked under “Excellent Category” of the “Nitaqat Program” recently approved by the Ministry of Labor • Developed and added new services to the automated system of Human Resources and Administration • Signing an agreement with Human Resources Development Fund • Participation in Career Day at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals Projects for completion in 2014 • Implementation of “Tatweer” (Development) program. • Implementation of “Maher” (Professional) program

• Implementation of the English learning program • Training on departmental technical competencies. Provision of Executive training programs based on the Company’s vision and strategy. • Participation in Career Days organized outside KSA to attract talents from King Abdullah Foreign Scholarship Program • Review of HR policies and procedures • Review of staff performance appraisal system

Human Resources Department provides advisory and support services to all departments in a unified frame that is consistent with the HR policies and procedures approved by the Company. These services include all changes in the requirements of human resources. Training and Development Programs Career development and training programs aim to assist employees in the achievement of organizational objectives. The HR Department plans to further develop training courses in 2014 to help boost employee competencies. A framework for training and development was introduced to accurately define and enhance the current and future needs of the employees. The framework consists of the following: • Training on basic skills focusing on the enhancement of communication, teamwork and building confidence. • Development of an English learning program • The development of “Tatweer” (Development) program. An employee (Professional) program. A training scheme aimed to develop and attract the talents of fresh graduates. • The development of “Marhaba” (Welcome) program. An introductory program providing a comprehensive overview of the shipping industry to include: The history and development of the shipping industry over time and future industry speculation. • The introduction of the Company’s organizational structure and core competency sectors. • Visitation to shipping ports to develop an understanding of the Company’s operational activities. • Training on departmental technical competencies. Executive training programs based on the Company’s vision and strategy. training plan based on the career development requirements aimed to enhance personal and technical competencies. • The development of “Maher”

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