Bahri Annual Report-2016



Bahri Annual Report

Bahri Support Services

Bahri Annual Report

Bahri Support Services

the change was transforming Bahri’s organizational and human resource outlook and capacity to align with and support the Company’s strategic objectives.

Bahri is positioning itself as a market differentiator in the shipping industry, and is therefore introducing fundamental changes to its operational activities. A part of

• Bahri provisions full insurance coverage to its fleet against damage, especially to the vessel’s hull, machinery and general liability against collisions and other maritime accidents. The coverage also includes insurance for ship’s equipment, such as forklifts, cranes and containers. • In line with the company’s strategic plans, Bahri contracted the leading international insurance companies that have an “A” rating from Standards & Poors, S&P, and it was able to obtain the best insurance coverage in terms of benefits and cost. • Bahri also expanded the insurance coverage to include demurrage and providing legal defense for the company. The objective from this insurance coverage is to represent Bahri with various third parties, such as ship building yards, as well as shipyards for the sale, purchase and repairs. • Bahri also insures its other assets such as buildings, offices, equipment and vehicles. • Pursuant to Bahri’s mission to provide due care to its employees, it extends excellent Takaful-based medical insurance coverage to its employees and their dependents, which includes coverage for death or disability.

Bahri’s risk management provides the required internal controls and risk mitigation framework that ensures that the company’s operations, whether major or minor, do not undermine Bahri’s commercial and operational health. Accordingly, Bahri’s mitigation strategy involves deploying appropriate risk management systems, the issuance of certificates, classifying equipment and procedures and delivering the required training. In addition, Bahri engaged with reputable insurance companies who have provided comprehensive policies that protect Bahri’s employees , its assets and cargo from the relevant risks. The overall objective is to maintain the safety of the Bahri’s employees, its vessels, the cargo being transported and above all else, Bahri’s reputation. The company is a member of a group of protection and indemnity clubs (i.e. non-profit insurance associations), which provide a common platform for industry operators. Members of these clubs alsoparticipate indrafting relevant legislation and agreements in coordination with national governments and international agencies (e.g. International Maritime Organization, EU, OCED, United Nations Commission on International Trade Law [UNCITRL]). Furthermore, these clubs function as forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences in operational and offshore transportation risks issues; such as oil pollution and maritime security.

Bahri’s HR Transformation

Risk Management


Performance Management


Known Competencies to Succeed

Sourcing and recruiting

Competency and Skills Gap

Gaps in Operational Roles and Skills


Learning and Development

Talent Strategy and Planning

HIPOs and Readiness

Compensation Recommendation


360 Feedback/ Competency Gap


Succession Planning




Leadership Development

implementation of the Bahri Operating Model (BOM).

In response to the fundamental changes to Bahri’s strategic outlook, which is built on deploying innovative solutions and applications, Bahri’s 2016 HR corporate outlook required greater synergy with those changes. To achieve its aims, the HR team, in collaboration with the strategy team, the individual business units and support functions, initiated and executed the “One Bahri” Strategy. Its objective was to establish the foundation for Bahri’s transformation, through the development and

The introduction of the BOM was followed by the creation of the new organizational structure, grading system and a compensation and benefits structure based on a comprehensive benchmarking exercise. A career management framework, rewards and talent management strategy, as well as a performance management system have also been established.

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