Bahri Annual Report-2016



Bahri Annual Report

Bahri Support Services

Bahri Annual Report

Bahri Support Services

those with special needs. This underpins Bahri’s vision to be an active participant in the country’s growth and development through its avid support for social and charity organizations, in addition to various national programs.

paradigm that positively enhances Bahri’s mental image and its reputation. Through this approach, Bahri was able to effectively communicate with its stakeholders through various activities and events that showcased its achievements, both internally, or externally within the maritime sector.

Bahri’s corporate marketing & communications is the focal point and link between the company and its internal and external stakeholders. Its primary workflow is predicated on one central outlook, constructive communication that opens channels and builds relationships. The focus is on deploying a communications

In collaboration with various stakeholders, Bahri carries out or participates in a number of CSR related activities, which aims to increase its interaction with society and its cultural activities, in addition to sponsoring and supporting

Bahri Corporate Marketing& Communications

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Seatrade Middle East

to serve Bahri’s Middle East market was also launched in 2016 and there was the merging of the IT function under one division. The launch of these programs and platforms is in line with Bahri’s IT outlook, which aims to deploy the latest software and programs that enhance its operational effectiveness across its corporate business units. Bahri IT also launched an initiative that aims to increase employee participation and enhancing the company’s pool, through an internet-based employment and talent acquisition program. On the other hand, an investor relations smartphone application and web- based page was launched that helps shareholders and potential investors to learn more about Bahri’s financial information at the touch of a screen. Given that operational and financial excellence is a primary objective for the company, Bahri IT launched a series of initiatives that combine

In line with Bahri’s intended transformation, Bahri IT implemented several important strategic projects that supported the company’s business growth and development efforts. These IT projects were instrumental in improving the quality and efficiency of Bahri’s business operations. In addition, it enhanced Bahri’s competitive edge within the maritime sector, through improving its quality and safety standards; in turn, this positively impacted Bahri’s performance and its advantageous position against the sector’s global players. Among technology platforms that Bahri launched, was a new CRM system for its strategic business units and FFW system and MOVE BI for Bahri Logistics and IMOS for Dry Bulk. In addition, the Bahri One program was launched, which includes a ERP and HR systems, designed for Bahri Logistics that serves the American market. Moreover, a financial planning platform that is geared

International Maritime day

Big Data conference

Bahri Information Technology

market leadership. Bahri’s corporate marketing & communications team also organized a high visibility investor event, which included a press conference, to announce and highlight Bahri’s agreement with the Arab Petroleum Investments Corporation (APICROP), which is considered one of Bahri’s most successful achievements in 2016.

In addition, Bahri’s corporate marketing & communications team hosted the investment reception, during which Bahri’s senior management introduced the company to leading investment companies. The reception also included a presentation about Bahri’s core competencies, its outlook for the maritime industry and its envisaged position, given its growing

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