Bahri Annual Report-2011

The National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia


Business Planning and Development

business segments and other support units of the Company; follow-up regarding the performance of these segments and units and to compare their performance in light of the stated goals as listed in the approved plans.

The Planning and Business Development Department of Bahri is responsible to prepare strategic plans and follow-up their implementation; do periodic planning of business development; coordinate with the Planning and Business Development Department Functions: Prepare and review the Company’s strategic plans. Monitor and implement approved initiatives. Assist in the development of new plans of implementation to ensure optimal utilization of corporate resources. Prepare action plans and key performance indicators. Follow-up on the measures of change, restructuring and exploring available opportunities in line with the approved initiatives. The Communications Department is the key link between the Company and various media, government offices and other institutions. The Communications Department has adopted several initiatives, including the project to rebrand and change company’s commercial identity, media relationship, advertising, social responsibility, corporate management events, information published by the Company’s management and other related responsibilities. The Company has set up a distinct and efficient Communications and Public Relations Department with a professional team, experienced in public relations, local and foreign media, and preparation of conferences, meetings and exhibitions locally and abroad. Monitor various corporate expansion projects to ensure their timely implementation, including coordination with partners, shipyards, marine engineers, consultants and consulting firms. Identify, explore and assess the suitability

of the proposed business in line with the strategic objectives of the Company. Assist in identifying investment opportunities and developing strategic partnerships. Communicate with all business units and assist in the implementation of the initiatives that are identified. Submit reports on financial business activities, operational costs, major competitors’ performance, forecasts and market trends in the shipping industry. Monitor performance measurement for all segments and business units prior to submittal of quarterly reports to senior management. Follow-up projects with the shipyards.

Communications and Public Relations


Membership of the Islamic Ship Owners’ Conference.

Membership of the Saudi-American Business Council.


Assembly meetings, management of the General Assembly activities and sorting the results of voting electronically. This is accomplished in coordination with Tadawul using “Tadwulati” software.

Implementation of a unified system for management and planning of the Company’s resources (Oracle ERP). The first Saudi joint stock company to apply the electronic remote voting system for all the items on the agenda of the General

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