Bahri Annual Report-2011

Board of Directors Report 2011

Contributions and Participations

Participation in the preparation of the Special Report on the Public Investment Fund, which was published in “Al Eqtisadiah” newspaper.

Participation in the (Marine Money) Conference in March 2011.

Information Technology

The planning phase of the new IT system for the general cargo segment covering all general cargo activities was completed and will begin implementation early 2012. This system is expected to be finalized by the end of the year. Among the completed projects are the development of the Company’s website to keep pace with the requirements of customers, shareholders and visitors of the website and development of an intranet portal to enhance internal communications among Company employees. Special webpages were also set up for the Company on world-renowned social networking sites for the diversification and enhancement of the Company’s foreign channels for communication. Bahri’s website is considered one of the best Pan Arab websites in terms of content, design and friendly browsing.

During 2011, a study was embarked regarding the second phase of company’s Information Technology Department strategy (Manarah 2). This study covered a range of strategic projects and initiatives to provide the latest technologies and advanced applications software for achieving the desired objectives and to support all business segments of the Company. It will assist its various departments to cope with the growth and upgrade the level of services and competitive edge. Among the most important projects of that stage is the completion of the first phase of the unified system for management and planning of corporate resources (ERP) at the various levels of business segments of the Company; in addition to setting up a backup Information Center to ensure continuity of critical systems. At this stage, the information technology network of the Company has been linked to a standard international network in order to utilize consolidated common services and conduct a comprehensive update of the information technology infrastructure.

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