Bahri Annual Report-2008

Board of Directors Report


General Cargo Transportation

The general cargo transport sector (Lines) had witnessed a remarkable recovery until the end of the third quarter of 2008. In spite of the decline in freight rates during the fourth quarter of 2008, the rate of annual performance was positive and good results at both, financial and operational side were achieved. The plan to prolong the operational

life of the general cargo vessels was also completed. The general cargo transportation sector had contributed a total operating profit of SAR 158.9 million in 2008, compared to $ 108.9 million Saudi Riyals in 2007, representing 17% of the total operating profit of the company in 2008.

General Cargo Fleet

Weight (StaticTon)

Container Capacity Speed


Length Width Draft

Saudi Abha Saudi Diriyah Saudi Hofuf SaudiTabuk

42.600 42.600 42.600 42.600

236.95 m 236.95 m 236.95 m 236.95 m

32.29 m 32.29 m 32.29 m 32.29 m

11.12 11.12 11.12 11.12

2.050 2.050 2.050 2.050

18 18 18 18


The company owns a spacious container yard in the Islamic Port of Jeddah. This yard is used for the storage of containers and related

equipment, which contributes to rapid handling of containers to and from ships and speeds up clearance of customer shipments.

NSCSA owned containers and trailers





Ordinary 20ft Container OpenTop 20ft Container Open sides 20ft Container Ordinary 40ft Container 40ft Container OpenTop 40ft Container

Open sides 40ft Container Trailers (40) ft Trailers (20) ft Trailers (Chassis) (62) ft Trailers (Chassis) (40) ft Trailers (Chassis) (20) ft

2841 376 104 561 1351 157

178 255 229 15 289 4

Number of Containers

Number of Units (TEUS)



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