Bahri Annual Report-2008

The National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia

Annual Report 2008


Ship Management

The Mideast Ship Management Ltd. is responsible for technical management of the company's vessels in accordance with the requirements of international maritime organizations. The company employs a specialized team of captains, engineers and technicians with high level of competence and extensive experience in the technical and administrative aspects of the management andoperationof ships. During early 2006, the company established a department for BusinessDevelopment andplanning to coordinate the implementation of the initiatives and objectives of its overall strategic plan. NSCSA undertakes the functions of strategic planning and coordination between business units and supporting departments and follows-up the performance in line with the stated objectives of the strategic plans. NSCSA always endeavors to achieve excellence in keeping pace with developments in the field of maritime transport and expanding its investment activities at the regional and global levels. It has demonstrated its ability to compete through manifesting good knowledge of the domestic and international markets and through accumulated experience. The growing interest in the shipping industry at an global level in general and the Middle East and the Gulf in particular, makes it contingent upon shipping companies to mobilize all their competitive capabilities to meet the needs of their clients. NSCSA currently focuses on the exploitation of its capabilities, and endeavors to maintain its position among the leading companies locally and internationally in order to provide optimal services to its customers. In this regard, NSCSA seeks to create competitive advantages for its services which

The Mideast Ship Management submits technical reports to NSCSA on the performance and status of ships, fuel consumption and recommendations in this regard, in addition to periodic financial reporting on operating expenses and budgeting, as well as several other reports. The Mideast Ship Management also provides training to new entrant sailors on board NSCSA carriers. Functions of this Department include follow-up of the processes of change and restructuring currently taking place in all sectors of the company; search for appropriate opportunities consistent with the initiatives of the general strategy. It also issues periodic information reports on the maritime transport market and prepares comparative financial reports on the performance of NSCSA and similar companies both at the regional and global levels. In the wake of this competition, NSCSA aims to satisfy the customers, who have contributed actively to its success and represent the core of its assets by fulfilling their needs and seeking their satisfaction through outstanding performance, reliability, quality and commitment. NSCSA has a solid base of core clients both locally and internationally. NSCSA also maintains strategic relationships with several local, regional and international bodies, and company management constantly works on strengthening such relations. Notwithstanding the rise in the cost of shipping during the previous years, which eventually led to increasing the operational costs of the company, NSCSA has made every possible effort to reduce the impact of this rise in cost on its are distinct from other competitor companies in order to capture a greater share of the domestic, regional and global markets.

Planning and Business Development

Customer Services and Public Relations

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