Bahri Annual Report-2016



Bahri Annual Report

Bahri Support Services

Bahri Annual Report

Bahri Support Services

Moreover, Bahri focuses on low-risk secure investments. In this respect, it invests part of its cash surplus in short-term Murabaha agreements. The Company is also committed to adhere to Sharia compliant financing policies. Moreover, approximately 99% of the Bahri’s financing facilities are Sharia compliant. As such, Bahri finances its vessel expansion, through self-financing (approximately 20% of the total value) and it seeks 80% from external sources.

Bahri Treasury is responsible for cash management and provision of funding for different company projects. Managed daily, the surplus funds are invested in short-term Murabaha agreements depending on the Bahri’s financial needs and obligations. Moreover, Bahri Treasury is also responsible for processing outstanding company payments after being reviewed and audited. The department is also responsible for company’s banking relations and as a link between financial institutions and other commercial entities.

the company’s financial transactions and ensure the development of accurate reports.

Bahri Finance combines the deployment of the latest in information technology systems and international best practice to oversee

Financing and Investment

Internal Control and Monitoring

growth opportunities, based on prevailing economic and commercial conditions, as well as the company’s capacitytoexploitsuchopportunities. Thus, enhancing shareholder value, Bahri’s commercial and financial health.

Bahri Finance has a mid to long- term growth and investment horizon. To achieve this aim, Bahri Finance carries out focused financial, market, operational, industry and sector [specific] analysis, to properly plan for investment opportunities. Whether in new vessels or other

Financial Planning & Enhancing Performance

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