Bahri Annual Report-2012

Chapter IV Disclosure and Transparency

3- Nomination and Remuneration Committee

This Committee is responsible for nominating members of the Board of Directors for the next term, the annual review of the needs and skills required for Board membership, reviewing the structure of the Board of Directors and recommending changes as necessary, identifying the weakness and strength of the current board and proposing measures to address this in subsequent sessions, and putting in place clear policies for the

compensation and remuneration of the board of directors and senior executives based on their performance. The Company’s Ordinary General Assembly has approved the rules to select the members of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee, as well as the duration of membership, and method of work. The board of directors has determined the remuneration for the members of this committee.

Attendance Details of the Chairman and members of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee during the Year 2012

Meeting Number




Abdullah Sulaiman Al-Rubaian


Nasser Mohammed Al-Kahtani


Abdulkarim Ibrahim Al-Nafie


Saleh Abdullah AlDebasi


Abdullah Ali Al-Ajaji


Executive Management

Directors, the Executive Management is committed to act in line with the approved policies and to implement the strategic and operational plans to develop the company’s business and serve the interests of the shareholders, without reserving any investment for the benefit of the company employees other than their legal entitlements. It is also to be noted that the five senior executives including the CFO do not own any share options, subscription rights or debt instruments in the holding Company or any of its subsidiaries according to the Tadawul records as at December 31st , 2012 except that stated in the Executive Management ownership table below.

The Company’s Executive Management is delegated by the Board of Directors to manage the Company’s business. This role is carried out by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) assisted by deputies and heads of the business sectors and the subsidiaries. This Executive Management is responsible for the financial, administrative, technical, operational, information technology, and risk management activities, and all activities related to the Company’s business. Committees are also formed as per the requirement to provide assistance in executing certain activities and contingent tasks. Pursuant to the powers vested in them by The Board of

Statement of Company Senior Executives in 2012



Saleh Nasser Al-Jasser

Chief Executive Officer

Vice Chief Executive Officer, Planning & Business Development

Abdulaziz Khalid Al-Rasheed

Mohammed Omair Al-Otaibi

Vice Chief Executive Officer, Finance

Saleh Abdulrahman Al-Shamekh

President (Oil & Gas)

Assistant Chief Executive Officer, Board Secretariat and Communications

Ahmed Suleiman Al-Eidan


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