Bahri Annual Report-2012

Human Resource Management & Corporate Administration Department

One of the Company’s top priorities is to fully satisfy its customers, which is done by establishing certified procedures to ensure the required customer care services are in place, such as providing open communication channels. The application of the ISO 9001:2008 standards forms a large part of these efforts to meet the needs of the Company’s current or potential customers. The Company and its affiliates professionally apply the quality management system in all their activities, which are implemented in accordance with the requirements of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This system is audited periodically by independent external consultants to ensure that quality services are provided to their clients and ISO 9001:2008 Certificate is issued if the company is fulfilling all the requirements. It should be noted that the Company has received the said certificate and it was reissued in 2012. The Quality Management Section of the company does not only focus on meeting the requirements of the ISO certificate, but also on applying the best procedures and modern practices of the quality management system and upgrading them and embedding them in all employees in order to meet the requirements of the Company’s customers. The HRM&CA Department is also responsible for developing personnel expertise through specialized and advanced programs, and comprehensive training courses offering employees a high degree of knowledge and the skills necessary to carry out the Company’s business, which reflects in the results of the Company as a whole. In addition, the HRM&CA seeks to consolidate the employees’ sense of belongingness to the Company through incentive programs and by providing a suitable working environment. Quality Assurance The HRM&CA is one of the main pillars that enable the company to fulfill its mission and achieve its goals. The HRM&CA Department is committed to putting in place the necessary strategies to support and develop human resources. These strategies are periodically reviewed based on the needs of the Company and in the light of changing current and future priorities. HRM&CA Department always seeks to attract and appoint qualified personnel with high educational qualifications and major technical expertise. The recruitment process is subject to defined criteria and processes for measuring the educational and technical abilities and previous experience of the applicants according to the demands of the job function. The number of employees of the Company and its affiliates working in KSA and abroad reached 349. This is in addition to onboard ship crew, who numbered 979 at the end of 2012.

In 2012 the S.A.L.A.M program was implemented which is designed to improve the performance of the employees at all levels. It provides indicators to the executive management to ensure that business is progressing in accordance with the prepared plan. The Company monitors the quality control system in order to make sure that its operations are being implemented according to the objectives and the required level of quality. The quality management system of the company is assessed through the following procedures: • Internal assessment is performed by the Quality Management and Performance Section through a group of employees, qualified in this area and holding international certificates. • External assessment is by independent consultants, who are quality control experts. • Gather customer opinions through field research studies to develop services. • Periodic meetings of the executive management to discuss quality issues, performance and the ways to support the quality team. Saudization Policies: Bahri contributes to the KSA’s national goals by employing and attracting mostly Saudi nationals to the Company. It gives priority to Saudi nationals to fill vacancies in the management level of the company. It should be noted that Bahri is ranked in the “Excellent Category” according to the “Nitaqat Program” of the Ministry of Labor in KSA. The Saudization rate in the Company reached 60%, an increase of 2.40% on last year. The number of employees working in the KSA was 177 at the end of 2012. The HRM&CA Department has achieved a lot in 2012, as new facilities have been added within IT for the HRM&CA Department, including a housing program to support housing financing, in addition to the Takaful program. A new system of performance management (S.A.L.A.M program) was also implemented with the objective of establishing a high performance culture within the Company by rewarding motivated and talented employees and encouraging all staff to follow refinements. The program also adopts a new grading structure for employees and a program to support the education of employees’ children.


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