Bahri Annual Report-2012

Technical Ship Management

The most important responsibility carried out by the Planning and Business Development Department is the preparation and execution of the Company’s strategic plan, in light of the goals and policies reflecting the Company’s message and its relations with all relevant parties. The strategic plan includes the operational plan and the investment plan. To execute the strategic operational plans, the Planning and Business Development Department implements action plans and evaluates Key Performance Indicators for all departments of the Company. This department is also responsible for communicating with similar companies, advisors and shipyards in relation with consultancy expertise. This department prepares several technical reports related to the maritime industry, varying from financial, operational and market reports and reports on competitors’ performance. The Planning and Business Development Department implements strategic investment plans, prepares the Company’s expansion projects, and conducts full studies of the projects Planning and Business Development Mideast Ship Management employs a qualified and highly skilled team including ship management specialists, specialized technical engineers, sales representatives, recruitment and training professionals, accountants, and quality and safety control specialists. It recruits its staff according to high competence specifications, and seeks to upgrade the professional experience of its personnel and provide them with the necessary trainings on the various implemented plans and devices. Mideast Ship Management currently manages 41 ships and tankers owned by Bahri. Supporting Departments: The technical management of the Company’s vessels is provided by Mideast Ship Management Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bahri based in Dubai, UAE. This company provides specialized technical services for various ships and tankers, hires sailors and ensures proper maintenance. Mideast Ship Management also provides various services related to vessel purchases and sales, technical and maritime consultancy services and vessel insurance services. It also follows up with demand, applies all specialized, technical and operational standards and seeks to develop operational efficiency.

and time required for implementation. This department seeks to develop the Company’s strategic partnerships and establish joint ventures. It also controls and follows up with operations and achievements on a regular basis, in order to maintain the business implementation schedule in compliance with the Company’s plans and to update the senior management about new activities. The department is responsible for periodic planning and market studies, and is required to keep up with demands of the maritime industry, in terms of human resources, regulations, technical demands, etc. The Planning and Business Development Department is currently following up on the construction of general cargo and dry bulk ships and is seeking new opportunities with similar companies. It is currently focusing on monitoring the ships under construction, and the implementation of strategic plans and construction contracts. The department also seeks new opportunities, evaluates business departments, and provides the necessary support in order to increase the Company’s productivity and ensure maximum profitability. The Department is managed by a team of professional staff trained in public relations and connecting the Company with local, regional and international media. Memberships: • Organization of the Islamic Shipowners Association (OISA) Mideast Ship Management is committed to the highest quality standards, safety laws, and preservation of the environment issued by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), which is a specialized agency of the United Nations. It is also committed to the laws of the countries visited by its ships, noting that these laws are getting increasingly stringent. It also operates according to the requirements of international maritime organizations and to the standards of international oil companies and chemical companies that produce and export petrochemicals, as well as other customers who are extremely satisfied with its outstanding performance. Mideast Ship Management submits reports on a regular basis concerning ship performance and condition, fuel consumption, periodic tests results, and its recommendations in these regards. It also submits periodic financial reports concerning operational expenses, as well as budgets in addition to several other reports.


The Communications Department is considered to be the link with the media, government departments and offices and other institutions. This department has executed many projects and activities such as corporate branding, registrations of new trademarks, media relations programs, promoting the services of the Company and various activities related to the Company’s social responsibilities.


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