Bahri Annual Report-2012

Chapter two Strategic Business Units and Support Departments

➢Technology Installed on the VLCCs fleet includes: • Energy-saving technology to reduce energy wastage and attain the main objective of maximizing returns. • Electronic control system in the main operational engine. • Silicon coating technology was used for parts of the ship submerged under seawater, which reduces friction and thus saves fuel consumption. During 2012, the number of VLCCs operating in the global market reached 612. It should be noted that 82 VLCCs are under construction, and 13 VLCCs were phased-out from the market. The Company ensures that its customers are highly satisfied with its oil and gas division through a credible, transparent, and diligent service evaluation. The Company seeks to be well-renowned in the global market, as well as to care for the

environment, its employees, and all parties related to the oil and gas transportation sector. The Company is always keen to develop its business in the oil and gas transportation sector, through the application of ISO 9001:2008 standards, and employing the best techniques in the oil and gas shipping industry.

Major VLCC Routes Around the World

Consumption Zone Production Zone


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