Bahri Annual Report-2011

Board of Directors Report 2011

Quality Policies

Bahri is committed to excellence in its work and delivering flawless service to its customers by pursuing the following basic principles: Satisfy all regulatory and legal requirements. Take all necessary steps to protect the assets of the Company and its customers. Develop and manage customer relationships in a proactive manner. Use performance measurement mechanism to drive the Company towards continuous improvement. Committed towards work ethics of the Company and its practice with honesty and sincerity. The shipping industry covers vast areas of the world. This increases the odds of impact on the safety of the marine environment and climate change. In this regard, Bahri strictly complies with the controls towards the environment and the requirements of public safety which are compatible with the criteria established by the global environmental bodies and organizations, relevant to maintaining the integrity of the marine environment and climate. Bahri also takes into account all the requirements necessary to serve this objective as provided in the technical specifications of its fleet and is keen to minimize the negative impact caused Contributions of business enterprises are not confined to developing economies but their positive effects extend to the communities in which they operate as a whole. For this reason, Bahri has placed social responsibility in focus. Since its initial inception, business activity of Bahri has exceeded the stated economic targets by adopting a comprehensive outlook towards the local community, shareholders and investors. Bahri also believes that social responsibility extends far beyond to cover the surrounding institutions, charities and the community at large.

Environment and Safety

on the environment by the pollution from fleet’s engines and other equipment used on board the fleet. Bahri conducts periodic tests of the fleet and its equipment by specialized international consulting firms to ensure its compliance with the technical specifications and standards approved by international safety standards. Bahri also continues to take measures to maintain the safety and health of its employees including workers on board the fleet.

Social Responsibility

of Bahri in 2011 were as follows:

Sponsoring and Communication Unit) Program of the Disabled Children Association. Participation in the cancer awareness campaign organized by the Ministry of Health. Support the work of the Charitable Society for Orphans (Insan). Participation in the National Festival for Heritage and Culture (Janadria 26). Participation in the activities of the National Day (81) of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. priorities of Bahri. From this standpoint, all departments and individuals working in the company assume their responsibilities in the application of appropriate internal and risk management controls. These are set out to achieve the stated objectives of the Company and safeguard its resources. the (Language

Bahri seeks to play an effective social role in locations where it operates. Social contributions

Risk Management

The shipping industry involves many risks at the financial, operational and information levels, both in domestic and foreign markets. Bahri has paid great attention to this aspect in order to identify and assess risks accurately and respond properly to actively manage those risks. Risk management activities are implemented within the framework of the stated goals, objectives, strategies, internal controls and organizational

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