Bahri Annual Report-2011

The National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia


Marketing & Customer Services

Bahri seeks to be a leader in its field of work and it is keen to provide optimal service to its customers wherever they are. Bahri’s core of clients consists of major oil-producing companies, refineries, manufacturers and exporters of chemicals around the world. In the segment of general cargo, Bahri serves a broad base of clients in line with its strategy to deal with customers to identify their requirements and provide them with the service that satisfies those needs. The Sales and Customer Service in the crude oil transportation segment conducted more than (52) field visits of major clients during the year 2011, compared to (50) such field visits in 2010. The Quality Management Department continues to manage, direct and conduct training programs in the field of international quality management system (ISO 9001-2000). This effort includes core courses, workshops and training programs for the qualification of internal quality control personnel and key controllers, in order to enhance and improve the corporate quality management system. In 2006, Bahri was awarded (ISO 9001-2000) quality certificates and in 2009 the company succeeded in developing and upgrading its quality management system to comply with the standards of (ISO 9001 – 2008). The Quality Management Department has laid down necessary plans to include all business segments and offices of the Company under one umbrella of the Quality Management System. The Department has also developed necessary plans to ensure the implementation

Quality Assurance

of the Total Quality Management (TQM) system. In 2012, this Department will embark on the implementation of (ISO 9001:2008) Quality Management Certification Program in the general cargo transportation segment. Bahri and its affiliates apply the quality management system throughout all their activities, which are handled in line with the international quality system certification already awarded to Bahri. Bahri regularly reviews and upgrades the safety procedures of its fleet and conducts an assessment of such procedures to ensure that the latest safety and security procedures are in compliance with the international quality standards (ISO 9001-2000).

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