Bahri Annual Report-2011

Board of Directors Report 2011

Human Resources

the necessary trainings to enable them to perform their duties and tasks effectively and efficiently. Bahri selects its employees based on their academic and technical abilities and previous experience which satisfy the business requirements of the Company. The total hours of training during 2011 was 3,360 hours covering various areas in the respective fields of work. In 2012, the Human Resource Department plans to offer training programs in English, shipping and staff skills development to help them acquaint themselves with the changes and updates in their respective fields of work.

Bahri is committed to develop a human resources strategy to support the Company to fulfill its mission and achieve its strategic objectives. This strategy is reviewed and revised annually in light of the changing priorities of the Human Resources Department and the changing needs of the Company. The role of Human Resources Department is manifested in adding value to the Company through the development and implementation of human resources plans, playing a leading role in the promotion and development of employees and preparing the necessary training programs to achieve this objective.

The Company’s policy is to ensure that the staff have adequate experience and receive

Saudization Policies

rate of Saudization in administrative, middle and top management positions has reached (83%). The number of Saudi employees in the Kingdom has reached 176, rendering the overall rate of Saudization to be (58%). This qualifies the Company to be first class according to (Nitaqat) system launched by the Ministry of Labor recently.

Saudization schemes are key areas that underpin the efforts of Bahri to attract a more qualified national caliber in line with national aspirations for creation of job opportunities and employment of Saudi national manpower. Accordingly, priority is given to nationals in filling all the vacant positions in the Company. In this regard, the Company boasts that the

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