Bahri Annual Report- 2018



Annual Report 2018

Development and Recruitment of Graduates and Supporting Continuing Education

Human Resources

Bahri treats its employees as its primary asset and the foundation upon which the group depends on in establishing its corporate values. Therefore, it spares no efforts in developing its employees' knowledge, skills and capabilities in a way that makes them partners in

achieving success and improving the Company’s professionalism. Bahri takes pride in its continued investment in the recruitment and development of Saudi talent, who accounts for 69 percent of its total workforce. Bahri also integrated more women into its workforce with the

aim of supporting its overall plans, and achieving synergy between different business sectors nationally and internationally to further establish a culture of values and professional management as well as boost innovation and creativity.

Bahri provides a set of programs for training and developing Saudi talent including:

Human Resources Policies and Procedures • Enhancing the incentives system and linking it to performance. • Implementation of work policies and procedures developed in line with the best practices and clearly communicated to all employees in order to facilitate a workplace culture based on complete transparency. • Organizing workshops to further improve communication with staff and celebrate those contributing to performance optimization.

Bahri Graduate Development Program (GDP)

Training and Development

• This is a training program that targets fresh male and female Saudi graduates and develops them over the course of a fast- track 10-month program in which a trainee is placed in one of Bahri’s business or functional units. Throughout the program, the trainee will develop the necessary knowledge and skills to be a success in their chosen area of expertise.

Bahri is committed to investing in the development of its human resources according to the latest global best practices through a variety of initiatives. These initiatives include, for instance, enrolling employees in leadership, technical and behavioral training courses. In 2018, Bahri organized training programs for its employees in Saudi Arabia and many other countries. 419 + 250 + Number of training seats Employees enrolled in courses

• For Saudis only • More than 21 graduates.

University Program for Continuing Education

Cooperative Training Program (COOP)

Bahri, in cooperation with universities in Saudi Arabia, offers its Cooperative Training Program to help students understand postgraduate practical life. The program also offers short specialized courses on the Company’s operations. Future Aspirations Bahri aspires to continue its success over the next year in developing its employees, improving its working environments, developing a workplace culture based on performance and encouragement of staff's contributions to the Company's productivity, and implementing the best practices in

The Company supports its employees wishing to continue their education by covering their tuition costs and providing them with necessary time-off to complete their studies.

Digital Transformation in Human Resources Services

order to create a unique experience for prospective job candidates and employees. The Company also intends to increase localization at its Dubai office, and promote Bahri as an employer of choice in the local market via different channels. Bahri is pushing forward with its initiative to optimize costs while focusing on

an extensive set of training programs targeting Saudi talent such as the Summer Training Program (SAIFI), Bahri Cooperative Training Program (COOP), and Bahri Graduate Development Program (GDP).

Bahri uses world-class technical systems to improve daily operations and deliver automated employee- related services.

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