Bahri Annual Report- 2018



Annual Report 2018

Since its foundation, Bahri Logistics has concentrated on providing an optimal mix of shipping services while specializing in subsurface storage capabilities. Bahri Logistics operates state-of- the-art multipurpose vessels with a capacity of 26,000 DWT each, when run on a regular basis. Its fleet consists of six vessels; four of them connect Despite the abundance of supply and fluctuating commercial flows evident especially in the final quarter of 2018, Bahri Logistics’ continued to focus on implementing its overall annual strategy as well as positive decision- making. This resulted in constant improvements and optimization of costs while maintaining daily excellence in performance. The Company’s strategic plan aimed

the Kingdom with the United States and key seaports in the Arabian Gulf, Indian subcontinent and Mediterranean region, and two vessels connect Saudi Arabia with Europe and key seaports in the Arabian Gulf and Mediterranean region. The Company is served by a full network of offices and agents across the world that help deliver a wide array of services to clients.

Business Results and Achievements

Focus on Quality • Bahri Logistics was awarded the ISO 9001:2015 certification for adhering to new international standards, ensuring business continuity, and improving and maintaining customer satisfaction. • The Company developed its relations management with service providers through partnerships in the achievement of quality objectives and key performance indicators. • Bahri Logistics worked closely with the Company’s support functions to measure its results with regard to planning and operational control through effective infrastructure and facilitating resources. • The Company improved the management of its business market share and fulfilled its objectives by continuing to use its regular shipping lines despite a declining wider market, increase in cargo volume and decrease in shipments. equipment industry in Saudi Arabia is expected to grow by approximately 6 percent due to the various infrastructure projects taking place in the • The heavy machinery and • Bahri Logistics retained its

country. This industry, in turn, is driving demand for transportation units and regular shipping lines. • A major contract was signed with ArcelorMittal to export steel pipes from Saudi Arabia. • Bahri’s vessels transported more than 360 types of goods with a total bulk of 930,000 tons to more than 2,890 customers via 47 ports in 23 countries.

Strategic Business Plan

to achieve higher growth rates across our main markets including the Americas, Europe, Arabian Gulf, and the Mediterranean region. To facilitate this overarching aim, we successfully implemented services expansion and financial modeling initiatives along with other strategies related to developing new maritime routes. Best practices have also been standardized across all business

sectors, including the OneBahri performance initiative and implementation of a customer-focused culture. We also achieved increases in efficiency and productivity as a result of continuously monitoring ships and voyages. The Company’s strategic business plan included ensuring synergy with our new partner BahriBolloré Logistics, in addition to expanding Bahri’s overall footprint all over the world.

challenges and stakeholders’ concerns by conducting a thorough operational and organizational risk management analysis. recognized quality analyses such as FMEA, RCA, SWOT and PESTEL throughout its business operations to facilitate constant optimization of quality. implemented new modifications to all our vessels to reduce their environmental impact, including fitting them with scrubbers that helped reduce sulfur emissions, in conformance with standard IMO 2020 regulations.

• Bahri Logistics employed

• As part of our environmental protection measures, we

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