Bahri Annual Report- 2018



Annual Report 2018

voyages in total Bahri Oil’s Commercial Operations in 2018 410 832 million oil barrels transported around the world

ISO 9001:2015 Certification As part of its commitment to maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction and quality

are more likely to exhibit positive consumer behaviors such as repeat purchases, extended customer loyalty and providing positive referrals to other potential clients. Due to this sustained focus on achieving customer satisfaction, Bahri Oil achieved an increase in repeat business and new client signings compared to the previous year. The NPS survey that was conducted to measure Bahri Oil’s performance in 2018 resulted in excellent scores. We see such pleasing results as an additional seal of quality from our clients, who attest to our continued efforts to provide the best services in this industry.

management, Bahri Oil achieved ISO certification and DNV-GL 9001:2015 certification for a period of three years. This certification demonstrates Bahri Oil’s capabilities in providing high- quality services that meet customers’ needs and are in line with legal and regulatory requirements. It also certifies that Bahri implements efficient systems. Customer satisfaction is also measured by conducting the Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey, which gauges consumer loyalty to any given supplier. Any score higher than nine is considered excellent and means that customers

55% 45% 38

of voyages were oil shipments from Ras Tanura

of voyages were shipments from the Red Sea, Mediterranean, West Africa, US Gulf Coast and Caribbean regions.

Voyages from the Arabian Gulf/ Red Sea to the Far East

VLCC Voyages in 2017 and 2018

2017 22% 12% 19%

2018 18% 10% 18%


The Arabian Gulf - US

US - Ain Sukhna

The Arabian Gulf - Yanbu The Arabian Gulf – Onsan The Arabian Gulf – Okinawa

9% 1%

9% 0%

Yanbu - Ain Sukhna Sidi Kerir - Rotterdam





The Caribbean/West Africa - Asia/Far East






Other Achievements In November 2018, Bahri Oil successfully hosted its fourth annual reception, which was attended by more than 400 guests including policymakers, regulators, and CEOs of maritime companies. This event,

formally known as the Bahri Oil Week, aims to provide a forum to owners, operators and intermediaries to exchange expertise and thoughts on the future of the market and identify ways to increase cooperation in

all areas. Intermediaries and other industrial players typically hold meetings on the sidelines of the event, helping achieve further integration and increasing opportunities to cooperate.

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