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Annual Report 2018

About Bahri

Main and Technical Sectors

Bahri, the National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia, was established by Royal Decree no. M/5 on January 22, 1978. The Company adheres to a comprehensive strategy that outlines its vision of investment and expansion in the logistics and transportation sector locally and worldwide. As a result of this strategy, the Company underwent a significant period of transformation over the last four years. From its roots as a small shipping firm operating multipurpose vessels, Bahri became one of the largest logistics and

transportation providers in the world, occupying a leading position in the global maritime industry today. After 40 years of operations, Bahri continues to fulfil its aim of facilitating further development and success as well as building a robust network of clients inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our target is to establish a global and unrivaled reputation for quality, reliability and safety that supports our status as one of the world’s largest owners and operators of VLCCs, creating added

value for the Kingdom, shareholders and Company’s employees. As we are committed to innovation and applying best practices across all areas of our business, Bahri has been able to stay at the forefront of the maritime industry throughout its operational history while diversifying its business operations and expanding into new markets to support its position as a global leader in the logistics and transportation sector.

Bahri is one of the world’s foremost transportation and logistics companies. Established as the national shipping carrier of Saudi Arabia, Bahri has played a leading role in the transformation and growth of the global

shipping industry through a focus on innovation and commitment to delivering technology-driven and value- added onshore, offshore and aviation- based services.

As one of the major providers of maritime services in the world, Bahri structures its operations around the following key business units:

Bahri Oil

Bahri Chemicals

Bahri Logistics

Bahri Dry Bulk

Bahri Ship Management




in 2018 11 Awards



A fleet of

owner and operator of VLCCs

owner and operator of chemical tankers in the Middle East

multi-purpose tankers and ships

Bahri’s Strategy In 2018, Bahri continued to implement its strategy, which acts as a basis for its development vision and supporting investment in onshore, offshore and aviation-based transportation and logistics in the local and global markets. The Company had two overall aims over the year. Firstly, to increase its presence in the maritime transport sector, and secondly, to develop new business in non-maritime logistics. Our target is to establish the Kingdom

as a global hub for the efficient transportation of goods and resources by improving its supply chain. Bahri’s role is to connect major logistics companies with local talents and utilize global innovation by establishing a network of logistical centers across the Kingdom. This is seen as a key strategy to improve Saudi Arabia’s Logistics Performance Index (LPI) ranking, which currently stands at number

one regionally and among the top 50 globally. Bahri has started establishing a presence in non-maritime transport operations by establishing strategic logistical partnerships that will serve as a basis for new business activities. Bahri’s maritime transport business also grew organically through the diversification of its product output and expansion of its current value chain.

Vision Connecting economies,

sharing prosperity and driving excellence in global


logistics services.

By consistently focusing

on our values and responsible business fundamentals, we shall be

Bahri’s strategy is based on five main pillars: Main Foundations of Bahri’s Strategy

Values Bahri’s values are key in determining the direction of

a leading service provider

applying best practices to run a world-class fleet,

• Growth and development of the Company’s business to increase revenue.

whilst building mutually

beneficial relationships

our business and policies,

with all stakeholders.

through which the Company aims to maximize

• Development of the Company to become a global provider of logistical services.

business results and expand in the regional and

• Achievement of a leading position in the Kingdom’s logistical services sector.

global markets. These

values are:

• Diversification of Bahri’s revenue base through expansion in logistics operations.

• ------ Driven •------ Relentless •------ Transparent

• Creation of added value for the Kingdom, shareholders and employees.

•------ Considerate

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