Bahri Annual Report-2008

Board of Directors Report


Internal Audit and Control The Internal Audit and Control Department employs a selected group of highly qualified professional auditors.

organizations around the world. In this regard, NSCSA takes into account all necessary requirements in setting up building specifications of its fleet, and conducts regular check-ups of the fleet through an international consultation firm to ensure safety of the fleet and its compatibility with the technical specifications and internationally recognized standards. In 2006, NSCSA was (ISM), (ISO 9001-2000) and (ISO 14001-2004) certified and was awarded the International Maritime Organization and Lloyd's certificates. Mideast Ship Management Company, Ltd., (a wholly owned affiliate of NSCSA) which provides ship management services to most of the company's vessels, is also (ISO 9001-2000) certified. In coordination with the Information Technology Department (ITD), the Internal Audit and Control Department endeavors to fully apply several important options in (SIS) to satisfy the needs of the regional offices of the company and its affiliates. The Internal Audit and Control Department conducted preliminary training courses related to international quality control system (ISO) for internal auditors and lead auditors (supervisors) in order to enhance and strengthen the quality management system (QMS). The Internal Audit and Control Department also conducted other in-house courses on examination and verification of implementation of (ISO) applications.

In operational activities and services provided to its customers, NSCSA adopts distinct standards of high quality which reflects an added value to the interests of its clients, which also enhances the leading position of NSCSA in the market. For that reason, NSCSA continues to follow-up and improve the quality of performance and standards of service provided to its clients, and follow international quality standards to provide excellent services to cope with the current severe competition in the maritime shipping market. Topreservetheintegrityofthemarine environment and climate, NSCSA is committed to implement all the laws imposed by the legislative bodies and environmental programs and developing plans and projects for riskmanagement audit in compliance with generally accepted auditing standards. The Internal Audit and Control Department also verifies the authenticity of the internal control procedures which aim at the protection of company’s assets against any unauthorized use, maintenance of accounting records and proper application of accounting policies, by-laws and internal procedures of the company. all dealings, This Department is working to develop efficiency and skills of its employees through the use of technology in their work and applying audit development

Quality and Environmental Safety

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