Bahri Annual Report-2009

Management Report

Internal Audit and Control

control system (ISO) for internal auditors and lead auditors in order to enhance and strengthen the quality management system (QMS). The Department also conducted other in-house courses and examination on the verification and implementation of (ISO) applications. In coordination with the Information Technology Department (ITD), the Internal Audit and Control Department endeavors to fully apply several important options in (SIS) to satisfy the needs of the regional offices of the company and its affiliates. The Internal Audit and Control Department conducted an audit and review of company accounts for the fiscal year 2009 in accordance with the stated plan and submitted its recommendations and suggestions in due course. Organization (ISM) certificate and Lloyd’s certificate. Further in 2009, NSCSA was awarded ISO 9001 – 2008 for Quality Management System(QMS). During 2009, NSCSA was also awarded with the Certificate of Excellence in Global Business for the Middle East and The Best Logistics Service Provider award by Dubai based ITP Group. In December 2009, a field audit was conducted by DNV to ensure NSCSA compliance with international systems and procedures of quality, which resulted in the approval to continue the company’s quality certificate. Additionally, the Mideast Ship Management Company Ltd. (a fully-owned subsidiary of NSCSA) which is responsible for technical management of NSCSAvessels, has also achieved the ISO9001-2000 certification. NSCSA has participated in events that aim at enhancing public environmental awareness and safety of the oceans, including: • Arab Sea Conference and Exhibition held in Dubai on 11th December 2009. • World Maritime Day, held in the city of Jizan, Saudi Arabia, on 9th October 2009.

The Internal Audit and Control Department employs a selected group of highly qualified professional auditors who are well experienced in their respective filed. They constantly develop the efficiency and skills of their employees through the use of modern technology in their work, applying audit development programs, preparing plans and projects for risk management audit in compliance with generally accepted auditing standards. The Internal Audit and Control Department also verifies the authenticity of internal control procedures which aim at the protection of company assets against any unauthorized use, maintenance of accounting records and proper application of accounting policies, by-laws and internal procedures of the company. The Internal Audit and Control Department conducted preliminary training courses on international quality Since its inception, NSCSA continued to provide services to its clients in an optimal and best possible manner. At an earlier stage, NSCSA created a special unit for quality control, through which it endeavored to lay the foundations for a clear and sound quality of service and performance. NSCSA continued to improve and develop performance and level of service and commitment to schedules and delivery deadlines so as to safeguard the interests of its clients. NSCSA is also committed to comply with all the regulations imposed by the legislative bodies and environmental organizations globally, to preserve the integrity of the marine environment and climate. NSCSA is determined to observe all the requirements necessary for this purpose in the technical specifications of its fleet, and firm to minimize as much as possible, the negative impact on the environment by pollution from ship engines and equipment used on board the fleet. NSCSA conducts periodic inspections of the fleet and equipment through global consulting firms to ensure safety and conformity to the technical specifications and standards adopted universally. NSCSA regularly conducts renovation and modernization of safety equipments on board the fleet to conform to the latest systems. In 2006, NSCSA was awarded (ISO 9001-2000) and (ISO 14001-2004) quality certificates, International Maritime Quality and Environmental Safety


Annual Report 2009 The National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia

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