Bahri Annual Report-2009

Management Report

Human Resources

their dealings, which would positively reflect on their performance. The company is also eager to provide an appropriate work environment for the employees that are conducive of enhancing their productivity and thereby creating an atmosphere of professionalism. In this regard, the company has adopted a special program to support some of its employees to complete their university studies; it also conducts English language training courses, in addition to holding numerous training courses for staff both in-house and outside in the fields of advanced technologies and disciplines required for company business. In line with the conviction of NSCSA that Saudization is a national requirement, it has completed Saudization of most of the leadership positions in the company and its subsidiaries. Other functions are being Saudized gradually, according to a plan under which NSCSA has taken upon itself to train Saudi national cadets, rendering the percentage of Saudization in NSCSA to be 52%.

NSCSA management conducts, from time to time, a review and update of corporate by-laws to organize work and maintain a distinct corporate structure that would enhance its distinct competitive edge of the company, which is based primarily on its human resources. In this regard, certain structural changes were carried out at the corporate and affiliate levels in line with the overall strategy of the company. NSCSA is of the opinion that it is imperative to upgrade competency levels of staff in their respective fields of work through providing them with state-of- the-art technology and applications to develop their abilities. In this regard, NSCSA adopts a permanent policy of sponsoring, qualifying and training of the national human resources in all sectors. This is in line with NSCSA’s conviction that these cadres constitute the core of any investment and accordingly, it sets up appropriate training plans for all disciplines on the grounds that training is a key component of knowledge and talent development. NSCSA is keen that its employees acquire the technical skills and comply with professional ethics in NSCSA is always strived to be state-of-the-art in technology and sophisticated systems in all sectors of corporate business and to keep pace with the trend of expansion and upgrading the level of services to support its competitive edge. Accordingly, NSCSA embarked on implementing a strategic information technology plan (Manarah), which determines the company’s course of action and its future needs for modern information technology to keep pace with the company’s strategic plan. The initial phase of Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) project implementation, one of the most important part of Manarah project, has been finalized. This phase included re-engineering and development of operating procedures, taking into consideration the Information Technology

application of best internationally accepted practices and methods in harmony with the company’s current technical system and the nature of its business. New corporate systems have been prepared, installed and commissioned. Preparations are underway to link the new system with the technical systems currently applied at the level of corporate operating units, and subsequently connect all information systems of the company to support the joint planning effort for the development of reports to assist in decision-making, performance measurement parameters, compliance with corporate governance and fulfillment of risk management requirements. God willing, this project is due to be finalized by mid-2010 following system test runs and trainings of the concerned staff.

Annual Report 2009 The National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia


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