Bahri Annual Report-2009

Management Report

Ship Management

and seeks to update and train crew on new plans and devices adopted and used by the company. Mideast also submits technical reports to NSCSA on the performance and status of ships, fuel consumption, results of periodic inspections and recommendations in this regard, in addition to periodic financial reporting on operating expenses and budgeting, along with several other reports. Mideast also provides trainings to new entrant Saudi sailors on board NSCSA vessels.

The Mideast Ship Management Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of NSCSA, is responsible for technical management of NSCSA and its affiliate’s vessels in accordance with the requirements of international maritime organizations. The company employs a specialized team of captains, engineers and technicians with high competence and extensive experience in the technical and administrative aspects of the management and operation of ships. The Mideast Ship Management recruits crew for the ships in accordance with specifications of high efficiency,

Planning and Business Development

Brief functions of this division include follow-up of the processes of change & restructuring and exploration of appropriate opportunities consistent with the initiatives of overall corporate strategy. It also issues periodic information reports on maritime transport market and prepares comparative financials on the performance of NSCSA and peer companies both at the regional and international levels.

Early 2006, NSCSA established Planning and Business Development division responsible for the corporate strategic planning functions including ongoing review and follow -up as well as a formal periodic planning function. The division undertakes the functions of strategic planning and development among business units and supporting departments and follows-up their performance in line with the stated objectives contained in the strategic plans.

Customer Services and Public Relations

schedules, cargo insurance and timely delivery of shipments. In this regard, NSCSA adopts measures and policies of outstanding performance to improve services continuously, and seeks to create a better impression of this industry that reflects the national identity of the Company. NSCSA participated in many activities, events and conferences in order to foster its relations with those related to the maritime transport industry and create a distinct presence on this market. This is highlighted by NSCSA’s participation in the Islamic Ship-owners Forum and the World Maritime Day, which was held in the city of Jizan, Saudi Arabia, in October 2009.

The company implements its marketing policies consistent with its marketing plans and promises to its customers and its achievements and practices, which would establish confidence and foster ties with customers. Over the past years, NSCSA has developed a core of distinctive clients and won their confidence and gave special attention, as usual with all customers. NSCSA has always been keen to foster its relationship with its clients and regards them as business partners. NSCSA has maintained the level of services provided to its customers by providing the best services at minimal costs, handling speed, accuracy in voyage

Annual Report 2009 The National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia


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